Get India E-Tourist visa for US UK and Canadian Citizens.

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How can give India visa below government fees ? Is this a scam ?

We are in real organization with huge organizations like for inns and for flights. At whatever point the client purchases flight and lodging utilizing our organization connect we get a commission . We will pass on half of that commission to our clients and henceforth rebate their visa charges . In the event that the client has effectively reserved flight and inn, at that point our normal evaluating applies.

Also, no, we are not a trick. Actually, we are a very much supported startup who are out alter the vacationer business.

Do US citizens need a visa for travel to India?

All U.S. nationals need a substantial identification and legitimate Indian visa to enter and leave India for any reason. On the off chance that you need a short-stay visa for the travel industry or business visit, at that point you can get an online India visa from the administration by means of an equipped travel operator or you can strive for it yourself.

is it possible to get visa on arrival in India for US citizens?

In contrast to the prior years, India does not give visa on entry to outside residents. One needs to apply and obtain a legitimate India visa before touching base in India.US subjects who land in India without a substantial visa will be denied passage.